Construction Business
As the Group’s core and largest sector at present, construction business covers industrial construction, civil construction and architecture industry represented by metro construction and urban infrastructure construction, making it the footstone in the development of the Group.
Zhengzhou International
Conference and Exhibition Center
Located in the Central Park of CBD in Zhengzhou, the Center is one of the three landmark buildings in the CBD of Zhengdong New District and the highest building in Central Plains (comprising the middle and lower reaches of Yellow River). With a land area of 29181.7 square meters and a total GFA of 250,000 square meters, the main tower of the center has 3 storeys underground and 56 storeys on the ground (including the sightseeing floor), making itself the urban comprehensive service facilities that boast multiple functions including business, office, hotel, conference, recreation, exhibition, sightseeing, tourism, etc.
Zhengzhou Greenland
High-speed Rail Station Square
Zhengzhou Greenland High-speed Rail Station Square will become an urban complex with an integration of transportation junction, commerce, trade, culture and entertainment when it is completed. The overall new image of Zhengzhou will be highlighted and improved, which further helps Zhengdong New District and Zhengzhou City establish a symbolic new image in Central Plains.
Zhengzhou Greenland Metropolis
With a GFA of 630,000 square meters, it is a purely commercial complex which is composed of different property types such as office buildings, customized detached office buildings, super high-rise property, large shopping malls and large shopping centers.
Greenland · Oceanic Amber
With a land area of 54,000 square meters and total GFA of over 300,000 square meters, Greenland · Oceanic Amber enjoys the prime riverside location in Huangpu District, Shanghai, making itself the most symbolic and largest mixed-use project of the modern service industry along the Huangpu River. The Greenland Head Office Building and Finance Tower A of the project have won Shanghai Magnolia Award with the former being the only project in Shanghai that has won the 3-star GBDL and LEED Platinum Certification.
Baosteel comprehensive building
The Baosteel Complex Project that is located in Baoshan District, Shanghai, has been contracted based on a bill of quantities valued RMB 360 million yuan, setting the record of Baosteel’s individual civil projects undertaken by our company. The entire project consists of two floors underground and 24 floors above the ground, and has a total building area of more than 74,000m2. The skeleton of the complex adopts an all-steel structure, and is built in the shape of a sail.
Having tallied with the epochal themes of science & technology, environmental protection, humanity and development, it is a landmark building that embodies the sustainable development philosophy and enterprise culture of Baosteel.
Baosteel Cultural Center
As a key project in the joint development strategy of Baosteel and Baoshan District, Baosteel Cultural Center is a mixed-use experience shopping center with an integration of shopping, catering, recreation, service, culture and leisure. It is a landmark building in northern Shanghai with a total GFA of 100,000 square meters.
Greenland Yuansheng International
With a total land area of 240 mu and total GFA of 380,000 square meters, the project is a business complex that integrates “business, office buildings and hotels”. It consists of 8 office buildings whose total GFA amounts to 300,000 square meters, one international star hotel with a GFA of 20,000 square meters and a large high-end catering, recreation and business center with a GFA of 60,000 square meters.
Greenland · Hyting
With a land area of 28,000 square meters and GFA of 100,000 square meters, the project pioneers the "Oceanic Amber" series, the top brand of Greenland Group. It is a deluxe international serviced apartment inheriting century-old Shanghai style characteristics.
Dujiangyan Cultural Center
Dujiangyan Cultural Center, which circles the public space through its winding architecture reveals rich cultural expression, public character and a sense of the times.
Jiading Stadium
Located at No. 118, Xincheng Road, Jiading District, Shanghai, the stadium has a land area of over 30,000 square meters. The main buildings in this land parcel include the stadium’s main hall, practice hall and podiums whose total GFA amounts to 37,000 square meters, including an underground space of 16,000 square meters. The stadium can accommodate 4000 audience.
Xida Yinggang Twin Bridge
Qingpu District greeted the Word Expo with Xida Yinggang Twin Bridge. It is a major project and a critical landmark with the expansion of Qingpu's rural area. Located on the main road which connects Qingpu New District and Zhujiajiao, the bridge has a length of 202 meters. The single width of the main bridge is 26 meters, which is a half-through arch bridge without thrust. As the only single-arch bridge in the world, it is the first bridge that adopts the groin arch bridge technology with a design philosophy of being economical, effective, advanced and fashionable. The road, 21 meters in width, goes over the river channel which is 50 meters in width. A couple of groin arch girders pose a visual sight of “like a range seeing from the front and a peak from the sideways”.
Nanjing South Station Comprehensive
Junction North-south Elevated
Roads Dropping-off Platform Linking
Taxiway Steel Structure Project
Located in the core zone of the new town in the southern Nanjing, Nanjing South Station is the top-class station of the national railway transport of passenger. Asthe national railway junction station, it connects 8first-rate railroads, and has a land area of 700,000 square meters and a total GFA of 458,000 square meters. The main building has an area of 281,500 square meters, making it the largest railway station and largest high speed rail station of Asia.
SAIC Independent Brand R&D Center
The new energy project adopts a reinforced concrete framework, and has a total building area of 9,074m2 (60m in width in the north-south direction, and 80m in length in the east-west direction). The thermal wind tunnel test workshop project has three floors above the ground, and one floor underground for local equipment ground pit. After completion, the project will play an importance role in promoting the development of China’s new energy automobile industry and building China into a powerful country in automobile industry.
Schindler Elevator
Located in Jiading District Shanghai, the project boasts the world’s largest scale and highest standard of Schindler Elevator, with a land area of 300,000 square meters.
Shanghai Stal Precision Stainless Steel
Production Line Installation Project
Located in Xinzhuang Industrial Park Shanghai, the project has a land area of approximately 120,000 square meters and a GFA of about 50,000 square meters.
Forging and Expansion Project of
the Forging Factory, Special Steel
Business Division, Baosteel
Steel consumption of the project amounts to 3650 tons and the completed five continuous connecting factory buildings reach a length of 191 meters, presenting a splendid sight.
Changzhou West Taihu Lake Tour Tower
Located in the central West Taihu Lake, the tower serves as an astronomy-themed popularization education base which boasts functions such as science popularization education, tourism, sightseeing and artistic appreciation. The Tour Tower rises to the height of 100 meters whose footing has an area of about 3000 square meter, serving as the landmark building in the local area.
Changzhou Lotus Museum
The project is located at the Civil Square in the Administration Center of Wujin District, Changzhou City. The Lotus Museum takes the shape of 3 lotuses from the appearance. The middle sphere looks like a lotus in bud while the south one and north one in full bloom. Lotus museum has a total GFA of 3333 square meters, of which the underground storey is 552 square meters in area and the 3 storeys on ground are 2781 square meters in area. The main body and petals of the museum are steel structure which weighs 420 tons. Located in the gateway of Wujin District, Jiangsu Province, the project is a landmark building of Wujin.
Shanghai Wujiaochang Integrated Hub Project
Built in the shape of a painted eggshell and referred to as the "Gate of Science & Technology", it is 100m in length, 45m in width and 15 in height, and "wraps up" the middle ring viaduct spanning across the sinking-type plaza. It is not only a crucial point in the landscaping of Wujiaochang, but also symbolizes the breeding and incubation functions of Yangpu Knowledge Innovation Zone.
shanghai daning
central square(phase II)
The Phase II of Daning Central Plaza (former Shanghai First Machine Tool Factory) is located in the center of Zhabei District, closely adjacent to Daning Lingshi Park and the “Multimedia Valley”. Occupying a land area of 128mu and a total building area of about 113,000m2, it is currently the largest creative industry park in Shanghai
Comprehensive Protection and
Development Project of Modern and
Contemporary Jingdezhen Ceramic
Industrial Heritage .
The project is located in the Yuzhou Porcelain Factory in Jingdezhen. By means of rational retention, utilization, renovation and renewal and on the basis of exhibiting original production processes, characteristic ceramic crafts and special factory buildings, it is implanted with new urban functions, and will be built into a regional core integrating dining, creative office, commerce, tourism, leisure and other relevant functions after reconstruction.
Shanghai energy saving environmental
protection industry park
Shanghai Garden Lane Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Industrial Park is reconstructed from the old workshop of Shanghai Cosmopolitan Automobile Accessory Co., Ltd., and was completed after a construction period of 18 months from February, 2008 to August, 2009. It is not only a demonstration project in Shanghai in the energy-conservation transformation of existing industrial buildings, but also a green park that has passed the US LEED green building certification.