About Us
Founded in October 2014, the Group is a large comprehensive enterprise affiliated to Greenland Group. Its business scope covers metro construction, urban infrastructure construction and other industrial and civilian project construction, real estate development, environmental protection, industry of Internet of Things, equity investment, industrial capital investment, etc.

The Group has a number of wholly-owned and holding subsidiaries. Among them, Shanghai Greenland Construction (Group) Co., Ltd., founded in 1959, is the main subsidiary, which ranks among the top citywide and even nationwide in terms of project construction, promoting industry development, performing social responsibilities, etc., winning high praise from all sectors of the society.

The Group boasts 8 first-class qualifications, including general construction contracting of housing projects, municipal public projects and smelting projects as well as specialized contracting of steel structure projects, architectural decoration and renovation projects, installation projects of electromechanical equipment, kiln projects, and special engineering (air purification) projects. Other qualifications include top grade qualification for steel structure manufacturing, A-grade qualification for equipment maintenance and Class A design of housing construction projects.

The construction and investment fields of the Group cover various industries and categories across the nation, including large-scale residential blocks, large-scale bridges, expressways, high-rise civil architecture, CBD (central business district), high-end office buildings, hospitals, schools, stadiums, large-scale factory buildings, rail transits, etc., and the projects the main regions across the nation. As for the projects that the Group has undertook and invested in the past few years, they have won high-level awards in succession including the National High Quality Project Gold Award, Lu Ban Award, Zhan Tianyou Award, China Architectural Steel Structure Gold Award, China Municipal Engineering Gold Cup Demonstration Project, National Architectural Engineering Decoration Gold Award, National Metallurgical Industry High Quality Engineering Award, Magnolia Award, Tian Fu Cup Gold Award, etc. We have also achieved honors such as National May 1st Labor Certificate, National Worker Pioneer, National Excellent Construction Enterprise, Gold Cup Company of Shanghai Key Projects Meritorious Competition, Shanghai Quality Management Award, etc.

Constantly improving its production and management capabilities, the Group generated revenue of RMB 22 billion in 2014. In addition, it actively performed its social responsibilities and completed a host of projects in earthquake relief work, post-disaster reconstruction of Dujiangyan City, Shanghai World Expo, security housing and aid to Xinjiang construction, winning awards such as the Advanced Enterprise in the National Earthquake Relief Work and Home Rebuilding. Besides, a number of teams and individuals of the Group were honored by All China Federation of Trade Unions, Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Construction, and the party and government organizations in Shanghai, Sichuan, Gansu, Xinjiang, etc. Moreover, it is now carrying out the project of urban redevelopment in Nanchang, which plays an exemplary role in shantytown renovation and urbanization. It is also making a positive contribution to the “One Belt, One Road” strategy through investment in construction of Yinchuan Binhe Yellow River Bridge and the extension project of Beijing Road.

At present, following the new requirements of “new height, new speed, new scope and new depth”, the Group implements reform and innovation, promotes development, expands platforms and strengthen its brand, marching toward a loftier goal.